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Best Quality Kashk / Kurud 1000 Gram

Liquid kashk is a fermented dairy product produced under two types of traditional liquid kashk and industrial liquid kashk in

Esalat Natural Rose Water Arq-e-Gulab of Fresh Rose Petals Arqe Golab 400ml

Rose water has three basic uses: skin care, cooking and as a beverage Rose water is produced by traditional water

Esalat Pomegranate Paste for Dessert FRESH & Imported 350ml

genuine Iranian product, is one of the most delectable sweets and tasty Pomagranate Paste in the world Contains real pomegranate

Yekta Skin Friendly Dishwash Liquid Clean & Shiny Dishes With Lemon Scent (1000ml)

You want sparkling clean dishes, but you also want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Now you can have both!

Yoo pak Toilet Cleaner

Its best cleaner in terms of cleaning and germs killing , imported best quality

Kitchen Items At Best Price in Pakistan

At Organisia, you can have the best kitchen products for your home. Our platform is the one-stop online store that’ll serve all your grocery and kitchen needs. All you need to do is relax, make a few clicks, and voila- your order will be placed. Having quality products for the kitchen is essential. An unclean and messy kitchen can be harmful to the health of every member of the house. For example, if you have a sub-quality dishwashing liquid, you may keep the plates unclean. Unfortunately, dirty plates are the breeding grounds for many harmful germs and bacteria, making people sick.

You can get premium kitchen products at our online store that’ll bring health and well-being to your family. For instance, our platform offers Yekta liquid dishwashers that’ll leave your dishes tidy. Also, it’ll leave a soft lemon fragrance after washing, so you’ll have a pleasant experience.

There are several other kitchen items available in our store. Visit Organisia now to get the products you need.