7 Health Benefits Of Eating Dark Chocolates


Unmonitored consumption of anything can be detrimental to health. However, moderation is the key to leading a healthy life. Unfortunately, a good amount of myth revolves around dark chocolates that its only offering is to please the taste buds. Other than that, it brings more harm than good.

A little deeper dig shows us that dark chocolates can be great for our overall health. There are research-based shreds of evidence that tell us the benefits of Dark chocolates. You’d be surprised to know of the benefits it can bring to you. From improved cognition to better heart health, let us explore the actual health benefits of consuming dark chocolates:

1. It makes you happy

This is probably the most significant health gift by dark chocolates. They are rich in cocoa which contains ample amounts of tryptophan. To understand it in simple chemical terms, your brain needs serotonin to feel happy.

Tryptophan is the elementary stage of serotonin. So consumption of dark chocolate gives tryptophan to your body which eventually converts it to serotonin.

So if you feel happy after consuming dark chocolate, then there’s a good reason for it. Your brain is signaling you that it’s dripping in serotonin and is probably thanking you for that.

2. It boosts concentration

Your ability to concentrate improves significantly if you consume dark chocolates with 60% or more cocoa. The reason is simple- cocoa contains theanine which is a spectacular amino acid.

It helps in relaxing your brain. With a relaxed brain, you can focus and channel your energies to anything important to you. It helps you relax and declutter your brain, so you get improved concentration.

3. It sustains nervous health

How strong your nervous system generally determines the quality of life you lead. People with a weak nervous system have a hard time. They fall sick often and can have trouble with cognitive functionalities.

Thanks to the ample theobromine and magnesium present in dark chocolate, this problem can be catered to. The above-mentioned amino acids and minerals efficiently regulate the nervous system.

They also make the neurotransmitters like serotonin work effectively, a known hormone that tackles anxiety, depression, and stress.

4. It improves sleep

Magnesium deficiency is often the primary cause of sleep deprivation. Thankfully, having a small chunk of dark chocolate before sleep can solve the problem. Because of high amounts of magnesium, you get a better quality of sleep. With better sleep, your quality of life improves instantly.

Quality sleep is something that many Pakistanis struggle with. Organisia offers a wide range of premium dark chocolates in Pakistan, which can be of immense help to our countrymen.

Honestly, good sleep quality is a blessing, and if a small chunk of dark chocolate lets you have it, what’s the harm?

5. It promotes weight loss

Dark chocolates have catechins. It is an antioxidant that’s known to assist weight loss. This goes against the general myth that dark chocolates make you gain weight.

6. It improves skin health

Catechin doesn’t just assist with weight loss. It also helps you improve your skin health.

7. It’s suitable for athletes

Dark chocolates contain a specific flavonoid called epicatechin. It helps in lowering the oxygen consumption in the blood, which doesn’t let athletes tire easily.

Final Thoughts

For a long time, dark chocolates were considered a bane for humankind. It is time that we leave the myths and follow the research-based evidence.

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