4 Pakistani Street Foods That Become Delicious With Cheese

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Did you know the difference between Cheddar cheese and Mozzarella cheese? Well, aside from the apparent difference in the texture, they come from different sources. There’s a common perception that both types are made with cow milk. However,  only cheddar comes from the cow. Mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo milk.

Well, now you know, right?

The fact mentioned above about cheese isn’t the only fun thing. It amazing how cheese can make anything exciting. The usage of cheese is growing steadily in Pakistan. To make your everyday foods exciting, here are 4 Pakistani street foods that taste 10x better with cheese:

1. Shawarma

Shawarma is a dish of Arab origin that’s become popular in Pakistan. Local street hawkers have done several experiments on it and tried to make it exciting. This is a simple food with a mixture of chicken, vegetables, and condiments wrapped in pita bread.

People tried to make it exciting with olives, pickles, and even mushrooms. And you can’t say they weren’t successful, but one thing that revolutionised shawarma was the addition of cheese.

The addition of cheese in the Pakistani market was probably the best thing that happened to Shawarma. It became softer, juicier, and frankly, irresistible.

2. Rolls

Bar-B-Qued meat wrapped in paratha or puri- roll. This is probably the most cherished street food Pakistan has to offer. Soft and mushy paratha seems to make a heavenly combination with juicy chicken or beef.

Just thinking about it is mouth-watering. This traditional street food becomes exponentially better with cheese. Even homemade rolls become tastier with the addition of cheese.

So next time you order a roll, don’t forget to ask your restaurant to add cheese to it. And if you are making one at home, you now know what will perfectly compliment the roll.

It’s remarkable how a slice of cheese can be the difference between a mediocre roll and an awesome one!

3. Cheese Paratha

Paratha is a perfect complement to many Pakistani dishes such as BBQ, katakat, karahi, and even Nihari. It also goes best with eggs for breakfast. But nobody thought it could become a dish within itself just by the simple addition of cheese.

Throw a slice of cheese on a hot paratha and watch it melt. This simple sight is so soothing itself. Then, just when you think that the Paratha has become cool enough, you can savor it and thank God for making cheese.

4. Sandwiches

Sandwich isn’t a local dish per se, but it has become common in Pakistan. It is easy to make at home and is readily available in nearby restaurants. Like shawarma, people have done many experiments with Sandwiches. So much so that it has practically become an indigenous dish.

You can even make delicious sandwiches at home. There’s vast availability of good quality cheese in Pakistan. Cheddar cheese, for instance, goes best with sandwiches. If you wish to inquire about cheddar cheese prices in Pakistan, then head over to Organisia. There you’ll learn about various varieties of cheese, and you may choose the one that you think is the best.

Final Thoughts

Pakistan is filled with foodies who savor and value street food. However, with more and more normalization of cheese in the Pakistani market, foods are becoming tastier and honestly healthier because cheese consumption in the right amounts is healthy.

Not only street foods, but homemade dishes also become better with cheese. Those who wish to enjoy premium quality cheese in Pakistan should visit Organisia. There’s a wide range of premium imported cheese available there for cheese lovers.

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